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The cultivated mind is the guardian genius of Democracy, and while guided and controlled by virtue, the noblest attribute of man. It is the only dictator that freemen acknowledge, and the only security which freemen desire.

Mirabeau B. Lamar

Kick off your boots and take a few moments to cultivate your mind and explore how government and politics operate in the lone star state.


Texas Laws

There are two types of law in Texas: criminal and civil. Some state courts are granted jurisdiction to hear only cases involving criminal or civil law, whereas other courts may have limited jurisdiction involving criminal and civil matters. Criminal Laws Criminal laws are laws that prohibit a behavior that the state has determined to be …

Judicial Selection: How judges make it to the bench

Judicial Selection Methods States differ in how state court judges are selected.  There are three methods of judicial selection currently utilized by states: Appointment Elections Merit selection Each of these methods is discussed in more detail below.  There are advantages and disadvantages of each method, and advocates of these methods have long disagreed about the …

The Texas Judicial System: Foundations & Structure

In the United States, the concept of federalism, where powers are divided and authority is shared between the levels of government, has shaped the institutions that make up our government.  We have a national (or federal) government consisting of a legislative branch, executive branch, and judicial branch in addition to fifty state governments.  Each state has the …


People often know more about federal government than state government.  Ironically, it is our state government that more directly impacts our daily lives.

Texas Political Science was established with the goal of promoting civic efficacy and engagement in the lone star state by providing accurate, centralized, easily accessible information related to Texas government and politics.  At Texas Political Science, it is our hope that increased knowledge of the structure and functions of state government will translate into increased understanding of the importance of – and likelihood of engaging in – direct interaction with state government.


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