Interest Group-Political Party Alliances

Although interest groups and political parties exist separately from one another, they do interact.

Interest groups assist political parties by providing campaign funds and organizational support to party candidates, endorsing candidates and distributing campaign literature, and providing lobbying support for policies the party favors.  Political parties, in turn, reward interest group allies by incorporating public policy platforms and adopting public policies that benefit these interest groups and the cause or issue they support.

Interest Groups Allied with the Democratic Party

  • Organized labor
  • Environmental organizations
  • Consumer groups
  • African-American rights organizations
  • Hispanic rights groups
  • LGBTQ+ rights groups
  • Teachers’ groups
  • Trial lawyers
  • Women rights groups

Interest Groups Allied with the Republican Party

  • Business groups and trade organizations
  • Most professional organizations (including doctors and realtors)
  • Farm/agricultural groups
  • Religious conservatives
  • National Rifle Association
  • Right to Life advocates
  • Tort reform organizations

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