Agricultural Commissioner: The Basics

The agriculture commissioner is chosen via statewide election and serves four-year terms with no term limits.  The qualifications to serve as agriculture commissioner are outlined in the Texas Agricultural Code and include prior agricultural experience.  In 2016, the agriculture commissioner was compensated $137,500/year.

As the title of the office suggests, the agriculture commissioner is responsible for implementing agricultural law.   This includes:

  • overseeing the regulation of pesticide usage
  • ensuring the quality of agricultural products through consumer protection inspections
  • inspecting the accuracy of market scales
  • promoting agriculture throughout the state

The agricultural commissioner administers several programs, including Farm Fresh Fridays and other farm-to-school initiatives designed to promote healthy lifestyles and decrease childhood obesity, the Texas Community Development Block Grant program (which awards federal funds to local communities for infrastructure improvements and repairs), and the GO TEXAN program, which is a marketing effort to showcase Texas products and companies.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, see if you can spot any items with the GO TEXAN logo!